What is a room moderator or ‘admin’?

Most chat rooms will have moderators or ‘admin’. A chat room admin is distinguished by having an @ sign precede their name. A chat room ‘admin’ helps to control the room. They will direct the topic of conversation or control who gets to speak to the room on the microphone next.

‘Admin’ of chat rooms have various controls that allow them to control features and speaking order in the room. They can use the ‘red dot’ to control who can speak, send video, or send messages in text.  A room ‘admin’ can also ‘bounce’ or ‘ban’ a user from the room if they are being offensive or disruptive.

With the exception of official Paltalk help lobbies and ‘special feature’ rooms, all rooms on Paltalk are run by ordinary users.

At times you may find that the ‘admin’ of a particular chat room are not friendly or do not run their room well.  Please understand that Paltalk does not endorse or condone abusive behavior by those who run or ‘admin’ chat rooms.

If you encounter poorly run chat rooms we encourage you to browse thru the list of thousands of other rooms that are available to find another chat room where you feel more comfortable. Poorly run rooms will obviously not be popular and will ‘whither and die on the vine’.