Battle Of The Sexes Fridays

Battle Of The Sexes Fridays


Battle Of The Sexes Music Trivia is back!

Every Friday night at 6:00PM(EST USA)

Music Trivia Quiz


Name the Song – 1 Point
Name the Artist/Band – 1 Point
(In Triple Rounds) Name the Movie – 1 Point

Guys VS Gals – 1st to 100 Points

What Happens If The Guys Win? or If Gals Win?

The winning Team get to pick 4 roomies of opposite sex for a 30 second bounce!



Hosted By DJ Johnny T

2 Responses so far.

  1. Site Administator says:

    Final Score was: GUYS = 81 | GALS = 100
    Congratulations to the Women!

  2. Site Administator says:

    See You Next Week for Week 2 of Battle of the Sexes Music Trivia, don’t forget to tell all your friends!

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