Is It Time To Move In?

Is It Time To Move In?

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Is it Time to Move In Together?

So you have been dating your boyfriend or girlfriend for awhile now, and you have learned a lot about each other. You have probably spent more than a few nights at each others houses and you are wondering if your relationship has reached the stage where its time to move in. On the flip side, if your relationship is fairly new and you haven’t spent much time with each other; than making the decision to move in with each other may be a bit premature and irresponsible. You definitely don’t want to be moving in with someone that you hardly know and are constantly bickering or in disagreement with. This article will talk about the five signs that tell you if you are ready to make the next big step!

1. You are in love with this person, not infatuated
If you are unsure of your feelings for a person and you are still on the fence about where your relationship status stands it might not be a good idea to move in. However, If you have been in a relationship for awhile and you are comfortable with your partner and are ready to see them at their best and their worse and accept them for that then chances are you’re ready to move in together.

2. You have know each other’s family and friends
You don’t necessarily need to know all about Great Aunt Doris or a third grade friend named Billy that moved away fifteen years ago and only says hello on Facebook; but if you don’t know mom, dad, siblings, or their best friend and squad or entourage there is a problem. If you have occasional get together and bbq’s with the family, spent some holidays with these people and have played designated driver while they go out for a night on the town with friends it’s a good indication that you will be fine with family and friends stopping over and hanging out at your house.

3. You’re always together anyway
If you spend most of your time outside of work with your significant other, making the adjustment to living with each other will be easy ad perhaps more convenient. Constantly sleeping at each others place and not just rushing out in the morning wearing last nights outfit means you’re most likely comfortable and knowledgeable with each other’s routine, habits, and general lifestyle.

4. You have discussed finances
Moving in with your partner does require a lot of openness and not just about how you like your coffee or your eggs cooked in the morning. It is important that you are somewhat aware of each others fiances, is someone in a lot of debt, does someone have trouble managing money, do they have outstanding bills due, do they have enough funds each month to make ends meet? You don’t need to be dating a millionaire but these are important questions to ask yourself. You want to make sure that you’re not footing the bill for everything and that your partner has the ability to pay his or her portion of the bills so that things don’t become awkward and stressful. Understanding each others financial situation is mutually beneficial because you can prepare yourself for unexpected situations or better yet avoid them all together.

5. You are both thinking about a future together
This is the big one, if you are happy with each other and have been dating for awhile and are really taking your relationship seriously than more than likely you are thinking of a future that is either going to lead to a long term domestic partnership, or marriage and possibly children. Thinking about a future like this and building and working towards goals to make it happen is a sure sign that it’s time for you guys to move in together. Finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with is exciting and wonderful if living together can help propel you towards that ultimate goal, then get the packing tape and boxes out. Congratulations and welcome to the next chapter in your relationship!

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