Top 5 Snacks to Stash in Your Desk

Top 5 Snacks to Stash in Your Desk

Top 5 Snacks to Stash in Your Desk

If you are anything like me, then you probably can’t resist snacking, especially when at work. When I am working hard, and my brain is firing, my stomach grumbles non-stop. However, mindless snacking can hinder weight control goals, and can cause unwanted energy slumps. However, if you plan your snacks properly, they can actually help you get in all the nutrients you need and keep your hunger at bay so that you don’t over indulge at meal times. So, in order to ensure you get the best from your mid day munchies, make sure you have something healthy on hand at work so you don’t end up reaching for junk. It is key to remember that what you munch on all day doesn’t only affect your weight, but it can also affect your productivity too. So, to boost your brain power, and control hunger pangs, try these easy and healthy snack ideas to help fight snack attacks when you are at work:

1. Whole- Wheat Crisp Breads
Containing 3 or more grams of fibre per serving, whole wheat crisp breads are a great way to fill up a hungry belly. Try topping them with tuna, or salmon which you can buy in 3-ounce pouches and can be easily stored in your draw at work. Topping your crisp breads with protein rich fish is not only delicious, but also an ideal way to keep hungry pangs at bay. A great option for a late afternoon snack if you are going to head to the gym after work.

2. Nut Butter
Full of healthy fats, and a punch of plant protein, nut butters are a delicious and nutritious addition to any work based snack. Try topping oat cakes or slices of apple with natural nut butters for a tasty stomach filler. Alternatively on a cold day, why not top a small bowl of oatmeal with a dollop of nutritious nut butter?!

3. Trail Mix
Easy to make, and easy to adapt, trail mix is a fun and healthy homemade snack that you can munch on at work. Try combining dried fruits such as apricots, raisins and cherries with wholegrain cereals, seeds and nuts to make a tasty pick and mix of healthy items. You can also buy single serving packets of trail mix from most stores if you are out and about.

4. Nuts
A one ounce serving of nuts is an ideal way to keep grumbles at bay. Try out different varieties, and mix them up to see what you like best. For reference a one ounce serving of nuts is approximately one large handful e.g. 25 almonds, or 28 peanuts.

5. Cereal
As long as you opt for whole grain, no added sugar varieties, cereal can be a great stand by snack for work. Pour on fresh milk or juice and enjoy at your desk. Single serving boxes of cereal are particularly convenient- just be sure to check the sugar levels.

With these awesome work based snacks on hand you will be able to stay satisfied, and maintain your energy levels all day long. No more napping during meetings because you don’t have the energy to stay awake, or embarrassing belly grumbles in the office. Instead, you and your body, will look forward to snack time.

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