Welcome To Batteries Not Included – BNI

Welcome To Batteries Not Included – BNI

Welcome to BNI – the interactive chat room with online radio station, powered by Paltalk and Shoutcast.

It’s not just streaming radio that we cover here, either. There’s so much to do here at BNI Radio, including:

You can discuss absolutely anything with like minded music fans from news, to sport, to whatever else you can think of, there’s a place here for you to talk about it

Don’t just listen to the music- take part in karaoke, or play an instrument during BNI Idol for budding musicians and singers.

Become a BNI member, to make your very own posts on BNI Blogs, stay connected with other users, and take part in some great competitions.

With over 100,000 visitors a month, and a community that’s always growing, BNI is a great place to meet new people and bond over your shared tastes in music- or anything else you might want to talk about! We’re always striving to bring you the very best in entertainment within your Paltalk experience, and giving you a fully interactive online radio experience.

Sign up as a BNI member today, and you can experience all the fun and chat for yourself. There’s so much going on here, so just take a look around, and you’re bound to find a room that’s perfectly suited to your tastes. Have fun!

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